Front-end contractorfor decentralized applications.

Let your engineers focus on more important work by delegating time consuming front-end improvements, bugs & chores.

    • VEMP
    • Gear
    • Vara
    • Stabble

I help engineering teams ship faster by taking over their most time-consuming front-end tasks, allowing them to focus on more important work. Here's how.

Subscribe and immediately begin adding issues to our managed Linear backlog.

Features background

I'll batch backlogged issues into two-week sprints, focusing on high-priority tasks first.

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You'll receive pull requests on GitHub within an average of three business days.

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I'll review and refine PRs until you're 100% satisfied with the code changes.

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With benefits so good you'll never want to hire a different developer ever again.

Asynchronous Communication

No meetings needed. We communicate via Telegram and Linear, with off-the-cuff huddles only when absolutely necessary.

Easy Backlog Management

Use Linear to view and manage active, queued, and completed issues, with PRs and commits tied to issue IDs.

Real-Time Team Collaboration

Invite your engineers to the Linear backlog to delegate some of their issues and track progress in real-time.

Consistent PR Delivery

Get PRs every few days to keep your development cycles on track and ensure a quick and efficient review process.

Fixed Monthly Rate

No surprises with a fixed monthly rate, regardless of work volume.

Flexible Subscription

Pause or cancel anytime, giving you control based on your workload.

Using the best modern tech stack for dApps

    • NextJS
    • React
    • NodeJS
    • TailwindCSS
    • Ethers
    • Web3js
    • Solana

Providing UI Upgrades, Bug Fixes & Smart Contract Integrations at speed.

UI Refinement

Offload those UI changes that you have been putting off for weeks so that you can stay focused on building the groundbreaking features that set you apart.

UI Refinement


Bugs that slip through the net can be a nuisance. Let's accelerate your deployment cycles by quickly ironing out front-end bugs, ensuring smooth and reliable performance.


Smart Contract Integrations

Integrating with smart contracts is dull. Be honest, you would rather be writing them. We'll take care of integrations so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Smart Contract Integrations

Over 5+ years experience building decentralized applications.

loved by founders

    • Working together was a breeze. They were professional, efficient, and delivered fantastic results!

      Alex Rigby
      Chair of The Elliot Project
    • Exceptional service from start to finish. Jack was responsive, skilled, and truly understood our vision.

      Pavel Salas
      Chief Growth Officer at Gear
    • Comcat transformed one of our sites with their excellent front-end work. They took the time to understand our needs and delivered a product that exceeded our expectations. The process was highly professional and efficient throughout the entire process.

      Dominic Ryder
      Founder of VEMP Group
    • User engagement has soared since partnering with Their expertise is unmatched!

      Edward Mężyk
      CEO at Oxygen SA
    • Our application is now fast, responsive, and looks amazing.

      Liam Oates
      Founder of Gamerly
    • Professional and efficient, delivering fantastic results across various verticals. Highly recommended.

      Kilian Krings
      Founder at Stabble

Just one affordable & simple subscription plan.

Front-end Subscription

Perfect for small teams experiencing a temporary surge in workload.

$3,333 / month

  • 2-week development sprints
  • PRs every 72 hours (on avg)
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited backlog items
  • React / Next.js / Tailwind CSS
  • Ethers.js / Web3.js / @solana/web3.js
  • Pause or cancel anytime
  • No fixed long-term contracts
  • No employee benefits or tax obligations

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